Rudie Aguiar

Will Rudie Aguiar skate with legendary pro skateboarder Tony Hawk, bag $10k, and take the title of Tony Hawk’s Skatepark Hero? You decide!

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About me

Why do you want to skate with Tony?

To bring awareness to our underserved skate community of the raw, impactful, importance skateboarding still holds 🙌🏽

What do you love about skating?

Skateboarding has the ability to impact a forever-part of your soul. Landing one trick is a moment that can last a lifetime in memory. Skateboarding transcends through time and culture, and can bridge generations. Skateboarding has forever changed the way I see the world. Skateboarding personally impacted me as a teenager growing up in a third world country, giving me hope and allowing me to dream of things I thought were impossible. My goal is to pass that on.

What’s your favorite trick?

How dare you ask me what my favorite trick is, that is nearly impossible for any skateboarder to answer. It would depend on whether I am the one landing it or if I am watching someone else land the trick. If I had to choose one for me to land that is my favorite it would be a Front Blunt Shove It. If it came down to watching someone else land it, I would have to say Andrew Reynolds Front Side Flip or Chad Muska's icon Muska Flip.

What would you like to learn from Tony?

I would like to learn how to speak to those who have power in a community and be able to convince them of the importance and impact that skateboarding can make. My wife and I have opened Idaho's first skateboarding school and we have seen so many kids impacted by the confidence that comes from skateboarding when overcoming fears, doubts, and frustrations. I would love that scale that confidence in this community. Also, I'm a skater, so it would be surreal to geek out with the Bird Man himself!


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Founded by skate legend Tony Hawk, The Skatepark Project has been helping underserved communities create safe and inclusive public skateparks for youth since 2002. Help Rudie Aguiar, and support this great cause at the same time!


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