Win $10K & Skate
with Tony Hawk

People’s choice

One talented skateboarder will be chosen by the public to win $10k and a skate session with Tony Hawk.

Tony’s Pick

Tony himself will be picking one skilled skater with the most creative boardslide or lipslide to come skate with him at his facility.

Shred Together

Skaters worldwide are coming together to perfect their tricks and compete for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, all while supporting a meaningful cause. Calling all styles and skill levels: it's time to grab your board and get moving.

"Skateboarding has more depth than just sport. It's about inclusivity, creativity, and community."

- Tony Hawk

Building More Than Just Skateparks

Founded by skate legend Tony Hawk, The Skatepark Project has been helping underserved communities create safe and inclusive public skateparks for youth since 2002. Tony Hawk’s Skatepark Hero is proud to support this organization to aid in their mission to issue grants to low-income communities by building quality public skateparks and providing guidance to city officials, parents, and children.

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Rise & Grind

Tighten your trucks and drop in—this is YOUR chance to become Tony Hawk’s Skatepark Hero.