2023 winners and donation announced

The 2023 SkatePark Hero

Michael Manion

For over two decades, Michael has shredded in the streets of Southern Georgia, where his passion for helping open skateparks within his local community was established. This Tony Hawk doppelgänger shares a birthday with the Birdman himself, and he celebrates Tony as someone who paved the way for him to do what he loves.


Shredding Together

The Skatepark Hero competition brings together thousands of skaters of various backgrounds, ages, and skill levels to compete for the ultimate prize and raise awareness for The Skatepark Project.

"Skateboarding has more depth than just sport. It's about inclusivity, creativity, and community."

- Tony Hawk


Raised for Skateparks

We want to extend our appreciation to everyone that participated in this year's competition! Founded by skate legend Tony Hawk, The Skatepark Project has been helping underserved communities create safe and inclusive public skateparks for youth since 2002. Tony Hawk’s Skatepark Hero is proud to support this organization to aid in their mission to issue grants to low-income communities by building quality public skateparks and providing guidance to city officials, parents, and children.

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Tony's Pick

Robert Zamora

Robert was hand-picked by Tony Hawk out of numerous entries for the most creative boardslide trick. He caught the Birdman’s eye with a sick cross step on his boardslide, as well as with the music accompanying his video, which Tony described as “on point.” Robert will travel to San Diego to grind with the guru — Tony, of course.


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