Robert Furlan

Will Robert Furlan skate with legendary pro skateboarder Tony Hawk, bag $10k, and take the title of Tony Hawk’s Skatepark Hero? You decide!

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About me

Why do you want to skate with Tony?

Hawk stands out in the world of skateboard history, and I am saving some of that history refurbishing vintage skateboards.

What do you love about skating?

I love the fact that it’s a sport you can do anywhere at any age and progress at your own pace and still have fun. It’s a sport that builds character in its progression the more you do it. And the sports history is second to none with pro skaters like Tony Hawk and the rest of the bones brigade 😎

What’s your favorite trick?

I wouldn’t say I have a favorite trick after years of flipping a board but lately I’ve been doing one foot Laser flips from a stand still position. I just kick it and jump on. Fun to do with old school boards 🤟🏻

What would you like to learn from Tony?

I would ask what his best day ever was in this sport . Then I would listen to whatever he says 😜

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Founded by skate legend Tony Hawk, The Skatepark Project has been helping underserved communities create safe and inclusive public skateparks for youth since 2002. Help Robert Furlan, and support this great cause at the same time!


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